Conditions That Benefit From Massage

I practice integrative massage, using a variety of modalities and techniques, where appropriate. My clients for many reasons, from general soreness to athletic overuse injuries. Some conditions which may benefit from massage therapy are listed below.

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massage therapist Boston, plantar fasciitis treatment

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Plantar fasciitis, when the small muscles of the foot become inflamed from overuse… MORE»

massage therapist Boston, lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic Drainage for Edema

Ideal for areas of edema caused by injury or poor circulation. MORE»

massage therapist Boston, tendinitis


Massage therapy can help your tendinitis or tendinosis. MORE»

massage therapist Boston, shin splints

Shin Splints

Massage can help address the issues with shin splint inflammation. MORE»

massage therapist Boston, frozen shoulder

Frozen Shoulder

Massage appropriately applied can help ease and relieve frozen shoulder. MORE»

massage therapist Boston, migraine


Massage can help treat and prevent migraines. MORE»

massage therapist Boston, arthritis


Massage often is used to relieve common symptoms of many types of arthritis. MORE»

massage therapist Boston, lymphatic drainage


TMJ massage can help relieve the muscles of the face, neck and jaw. MORE»

massage therapist Boston, whiplash


When applied carefully and skillfully, massage therapists can help clients with whiplash find relief. MORE»

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